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Due to COVID-19 "meat panic" the local slaughter houses are scheduled into 2021. All I can do this year is sell individual 2020 calves if you have room to finish raising them. Go to the "Reserve Calves" page.

We schedule steer processing only when orders are met and the steers are optimal size and age. This is usually in the spring and fall. There are two ways to order: a non-refundable1 deposit by PayPal or check. We will give you the approximate date to expect your beef, then follow up with reminder emails. The balance must be paid for before or at the time of pick up.

Beef is sold as HANGING weight. This is the result after the steer is butchered, the head, hide and viscera are removed and is how the processing plant charges me. It is about half the weight of the live steer. There are no hidden fees.

You can buy quarter, half, and whole.

Option Weight Range Per Pound Cost Range Deposit
Split Quarter 75-90 lbs $6.25 $468-$562.50 $75
Half 150-180 lbs $6.00 $900-$1080 $125
Whole 300-360 lbs $5.75 $1725-$2070 $250

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Split Quarter Example (Half of a front quarter and half of a hind quarter)

  • Arm Roast- 1
  • Brisket- 1
  • Chuck Roast- 2
  • Ground Beef- 34 (1 pound per package)
  • Liver- 1
  • Pike Peak Roast- 1
  • Ribeye Steak- 4 (Packaged in pairs)
  • Round Steak - 3
  • Rump Roast- 1
  • Short Ribs- 2
  • Sirloin Steak- 3
  • Soup Bones- 2
  • Stew Meat- 2
  • T-Bone Steak- 4 (Packaged in pairs)

1 If the current steers are all obligated, you may elected to have your deposit refunded or leave it with us for the next available steer. If something happens on our end that your order can't be filled, we will refund your deposit.

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